Don't focus on the sanballats..

When Sanballats laugh at your dream.. Pursue it deeper..
When they mock your Vision ,Keep going
When they try to uproot your seeds,Keep planting
When they destruct your prayer life..keep praying
When they try to disrupt your relations..Keep loving

Each step you take in life you will be faced with resistance..and Sanballats will show up to mock you and try to destruct you from rebuilding the walls of your life.. Just like Nehemiah (2:20) reminded them " The God of Heaven will give us success.We are his servants,and we are going to start building .But you have no right to any property in Jerusalem,and have no share in it's traditions."

Dear Human,

A kind reminder " The enemy has no right to any of your properties,your career ,your gift ,your calling ,your purpose and has no shares in the Glory God is manifesting in your life"

Stay Calm because God is fighting for you🙏🏽
Psalm 37:39-40
#Don't_focus on the Sanballats
#Focus on God



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Sabano Blessed Peace

Sabano Blessed Peace

Sold out to Jesus|1Corin16:14- Exodus14:14|Eternity -PRIORITY |Impossible is a Myth |Live to ❤️| Writer: Writing is not just a hobby to me, It’s therapy.