First Miracle

When I was younger, I made so many mistakes that when I look back like I acted like a little Saul described in the scriptures (Bible) .

It’s not that I don’t now, but at least I have grown to avoid many. But what surprised me was at the age of 9 I changed school and boom here I was at my new school with new everything…How I loved new things (new books ,new bags, bottles) like the feeling was just exciting.

Changing school was also an opportunity to rebrand to either be a better person or become a little Saul I was but this time round I wanted to be a Paul because my formerly Muslim beautiful mum had converted to being a born again Christian so I automatically joined Sunday school of that church and ended up in so many church activities that made an impact in my life to transition from being a little Saul to Paul then.

I remember being my mum’s handbag like everywhere she went I went and our weekends were filled with weddings ..I also remember meeting her friends who would tell me how I looked like her calling me her “Photocopy” but As I grew older I realized they just wanted to make me happy because I look more like my Papa.

Anyways back to my new school with my new everything, There was a teacher who seemed to pay attention to everything I did probably because he was my mother’s tribe mate .

At first the attention was uplifting until he checked my books one day and boom he said something that pushed me to have conversations with God ..And I believe that’s what I call prayer today..

My teacher then told me “ Sabano ,You write like a Ghost” I wonder why your mother even buys you these nice expensive books. I remember him getting my books and holding books of another child who I guess wrote like an angel but her books were not nice and he said “You should be using such books not these nice ones”

As a Nine year old ,I did not know that ghosts write, Actually I remember thinking that ghosts were a myth because the House helps would tell us that in the village (Country side) Ghosts show up in the night and can eat people especially when people die..I used to love listening to such stories though they were quite scary but they were out of this world and kind of drew my attention and I felt stronger and different that the nights ( 3:am’s) where I would lose sleep and find myself watching wrestling with “BABA” my beloved father or action movies seeing how Americans would be heroes in most historical wars and how committed they were that no American was buried in the foreign land of battle Oh my God ! I would bow for the Americans though Now I question why wars happen looking at the Vietnam war and many wars that happen and still are happening I failed to understand why people have to die in wars for Peace to prevail.

So for me at the age of 9 I started thinking about how ghosts write and how I write like them so each time I would pray ,I asked God “Please give me a good handwriting”.

This went on and on until my beloved mother noticed and I opened up to her but this time around this particular teacher had done something worse so my fighter “Mum” went with me to school and I remember vividly this is what she told the teacher “ Mr. X ,when my Peace does something and you feel it’s beyond annoying ,Please , Please don’t touch her ,Just call and tell me I will punish her myself and at Home not school” I remember the teacher trying to explain to my mum who was already upset that teachers are to groom children while at school and boom my mum asked him one question “Do you know my Peace more than me the Mother”? He silently said No and that will be a story for another day.

Anyways after that incident It’s not that life became better at school but the little Saul kept transitioning to a little Paul. I also became stronger like I even started pitying anyone who tried to bully me or do anything wrong because I knew my Fighter was going to deal with them. This built Confidence in me and until today No one can steal that away from me..

As time passed by God answered me and boom my handwriting changed …..My first miracle happened ! for me having a good handwriting was so precious because it almost cost me my self esteem and if it wasn’t God to use my beloved mother, I would have thought that may be I am a child of a ghost that’s why I write like them the way my Teacher then had exclaimed.

And as I grow into the woman God destined me to be , Each time I see people treating others badly trying to lower their self esteem, I wonder how much more they do to the children ,Like I always question “If you can trash a person who is able to defend themselves but you still go ahead, How much more to the little children that are Vulnerable”?

Anyways, As they say those that mind their business never get in so much trouble but I also believe there’s a thin line between minding our business and ignoring responsibility especially when you are in a position to be a Voice and a defender for the vulnerable

Proverbs 29:2 — When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people mourn.





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Sabano Blessed Peace

Sabano Blessed Peace

Sold out to Jesus|1Corin16:14- Exodus14:14|Eternity -PRIORITY |Impossible is a Myth |Live to ❤️| Writer: Writing is not just a hobby to me, It’s therapy.